Bash bug patch for older Mandriva distros

Pretty much every Unix-like system out there that comes with bash is vulnerable to the “ShellShock” bug. It appears there are actually two several distinct bugs with similar symptoms.

Here are the two announcements:

CVE-2014-6271 announces the first vulnerability (“…processes trailing strings after function definitions in the values of environment variables, which allows remote attackers . . . → Read More: Bash bug patch for older Mandriva distros

Samsung Linux CUPS USB Printing

Ever since upgrading from Mandriva 2010.0(?) to 2010.1 (and also 2010.2), both of my Samsung laser printers have been intermittent. Print jobs would often be silently discarded. CUPS logs show that the print jobs are completed, the printer would warm up, the printer’s LED blinks once or twice, then the print job is “complete”. But nothing gets printed. . . . → Read More: Samsung Linux CUPS USB Printing

Linux SMT-Aware Process Scheduling

Process scheduling for multicore multithreaded (SMT or HT) systems adds a new challenge to an operating system’s process scheduler. Two threads scheduled on different cores will run faster than two threads scheduled onto different thread contexts of the same core because much of the hardware resources are shared between SMT thread contexts. This can be . . . → Read More: Linux SMT-Aware Process Scheduling