Teksavvy MLPPP Performance

MLPPP on Bell’s DSL GAS network doesn’t work very well because the GAS network appears to reorder PPP frames (which is forbidden by RFC 1661). Ideally, Bell should stop reordering packets. The next best option is for the ISP and user to configure MRU and MRRU settings to reduce packet/frame fragmentation. With multilink PPPoE, the client should use an IP-MTU of 1486 bytes (1484 on Linux 2.6.31+ due to a bug), a MRU of 1492, and an MRRU of 1486. The ISP should use an MRU of 1492, MRRU of 1486 (possibly 1484 to work around the Linux bug, until the bug gets fixed), and apply the IP-MTU correctly (MRU-0 = 1492 for PPP, MRU-6 = 1486 for MLPPP). . . . → Read More: Teksavvy MLPPP Performance

Teksavvy IPv6

Teksavvy now has a beta of IPv6 service over DSL. This is my configuration for a linux system serving as a router for a LAN. . . . → Read More: Teksavvy IPv6